Buoy of the Sea

Your very Personal and Intense Disney Ask
Aurora: Story of your first kiss
Rapunzel: 5 things from your bucket list
Dory: Something someone has told you that you can't forget (two good things and one bad)
Pocahontas: Something new you taught someone.
Mulan: Do you trust your gut feeling? What happened.
Jasmine: The story of when you had to really trust someone. Was it easy?
Belle: Is there someone you are close who no one else likes? What's the story?
Ariel: Where do you think you belong, and why?
Flounder: Something that surprised you and frightened you.
Eric: Have you ever helped a stranger? What happened.
Aladdin: A sacrifice you made for someone.
Tiana: A time you tried the hardest for something.
Boo: A childhood hero.
Cruella: Something you really want but you aren't allowed to have.
Seven Dwarfs: 7 things you like in the people around you.
Kronk: What you are best at in the kitchen?
Simba: Something a parent has taught you.
Cinderella: "A dream is a wish your heart makes" What's that for you?
Nemo: Your bravest moment.
Terk: Are you a big brother/sister figure to anyone?
Buzz: Your favourite fantasy world (aka Harry Potter, Star Wars), if any.
Alice: Done drugs?
Peter Pan: Something from your childhood that you still love.


One of our readers, Hien, sent us a lovely note with this video.

The summary? You are more beautiful, more vibrant, more amazing than you think. Don’t sell yourself short.

UPDATE: This post just appeared on our radar, and there are some really good points in the post that we didn’t…


30. Two of my insecurities.

  1. I care a bit too much of my image, physical appearance and reputation wise.
  2. Sometimes I worry that I neglect people, that I need to be more proactive in family relationships or friendships, that I don’t show I care enough.